School trip abroad: where to start

Have you thought about going abroad with the students and showing them England? Or Ireland? And what about the USA and Canada? The study travel process can be challenging for you, and if you are traveling for the first time, you will have many questions. We will answer all of them! And we can assure you right away - everything will go off with a bang! In this letter, we will discuss with you the main stages of organizing a trip.
Let us begin with the two most important aspects of Travel Class
- You, as an group leader, travel for free if your group is more than 5 people
- With a large group, you can take a 2nd and 3rd companion to help

1. Study the interest of the audience

Plan ahead. Start organizing your summer trip in fall or winter. Ask your students, talk to their parents if they would like to go on a study trip to the UK? Prepare initial information: register on the Travel Class platform and see the price range of trips so that you can guide your parents from what amount the tours start. Usually, just sightseeing programs are a little cheaper, and intensive ones with learning English are a little more expensive. Programs in the UK start at EUR 315 per week.

2. Five students is already a group for the trip

If 3-4 parents told you beforehand that it was interesting, you can safely plan a trip. Start small, and then your parents will catch up with you.

3. Book your trip in advance

Start organizing overseas travel 7-8 months before departure. First, you get a better price and can attract more children. Secondly, you will be the first in the school, city, to offer a ride. Study trips are an expensive investment in children's education. By announcing to your parents in advance, you will give them the opportunity to properly plan the family budget.

4. Collaborate with a colleague

You will feel much more confident in organizing your trip. During the trip, you can always substitute for each other to look after the children. In addition, it is more profitable: the price of a trip with a group of 10 students will be lower if each of them travels separately with a group of 5 students. Calculate the best option for you on the Travel Class calculator.

5. Everyone should know about your trip

Run an active advertising campaign for your trip - tell everyone about it - students, parents, colleagues, friends. Do not decide for your parents that someone "definitely will not go" or "definitely will not be able to allow" - the main thing for you is to convey the information. You will see - in your group there will definitely be students whom you did not expect to go at first. The Travel Class platform will create your personalized tour page - you can easily share a link to it by e-mail / whats app / viber.