MLA University of West England — summer school in the UK

  • British Council
  • English UK
  • Stoke Gifford, Bristol BS16 1QY, UK
  • Campus
  • age from 11 to 17



Program description and what is included

  • MLA Online Test
  • MLA TASKtime books
  • MLA E-board
  • MLA Student Portfolio
  • MLA Chit Chat Club
  • 5 Half day Excursions
  • 1 Full day Excursion
  • 3 Entrances
  • 2 Nights London MiniBreak
  • 2 Days Underground Travel Cards during London MiniBreak
  • Alice in Wonderland Experience
  • MLA Prepaid Meal Card
  • MLA Medical Doctor
  • MLA Backpack and Lanyard
  • MLA Social Programme


Bristol is a city in the South West of England. It's a youthful, quirky city and home to the iconic artist, Banksy. Its former city-centre port is now a cultural hub, the Harbourside, where the M Shed museum explores local social and industrial heritage. The harbour's 19th-century warehouses now contain restaurants, shops and cultural institutions such as contemporary art gallery The Arnolfini.

Why choose this school

  • Bristol judged number one place to live by Sunday Times
  • Lots of attractions enough to fill in a two week program
  • One of the best Universities in the country

School infrastructure

  • Classrooms
  • On-campus cinema and
  • Centre for Performing Arts
  • Shops and cafés

Sport infrastructure

  • Sports hall
  • Outdoor multisport facilities

Hobbies and clubs

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Excursions
  • Chit chat 

Recommended arrival cities

  • London


Stoke Gifford, Bristol BS16 1QY, UK

Sample program

  • 1 day

    Morning. Arrival
    Day. Orientation Learning MLA Summer Song
    Evening. Welcome party

  • 2 day

    Morning. Lessons
    Day. Half Day Bristol Walking Tour Banksy Street Art Tour
    Evening. Karaoke

  • 3 day

    Morning. Lessons
    Day. Multi sports
    Evening. Fashion Night and Chit Chat Club

  • 4 day

    Morning. Lessons
    Day. Half Day Bristol Clifton Suspension Bridge, Discovering Bristol
    Evening. Hawaiian Disco Party

  • 5 day

    Morning. Lessons
    Day. Multi sports
    Evening. Kahoot Night

  • 6 day

    Morning. Lessons
    Day. Half Day Bath Walking Tour
    Evening. Selfie Scavenger Hunt

  • 7 day

    Morning. Full Day Stratford Upon Avon Walking Tour
    Day. Full Day Shakespeare’s Birthplace*
    Evening. British Disco

  • Travel Class reviews



    very positive and responsive team - all young, sociable, dynamic, creative

    Top Plus Summer English School MLA University of West England — summer school in the UK

    Stoke Gifford, Bristol BS16 1QY, UK

    The trip is wonderful, and we have something to compare with. Let's start with the location - practically perfect. There are tons of cities within easy reach, and Wales is very convenient to explore.

    Accommodation. Probably the best we have ever had so far. We were delighted by the spacious kitchens with a seating area, where all 22 people of our group could easily fit for meetings and even holding conversation clubs. The downside - in the kitchen, unlike other campuses, there was no microwave and no utensils at all. Another big plus for the group leader is the presence of bells in students' apartments, which eliminated the need to bang on the door with your foot to wake them up and control them. It seems like a trifle, but convenient. Education. Five levels. Own textbooks. The teachers are very interesting personalities, the lessons are varied, role-playing games, sometimes even with costumes. The study manager personally supervised the visit. The groups were international, especially there were many Italians, as always, there were Spaniards and Greeks. We especially made friends with Italians - the nicest guys and accompanying teachers. It was sad to part. A special feature of this center is a conversation club. I will tell you about the spoken word. At first, it was quite difficult for the activity leaders to take into account the interests of each student from 11 to 18 years old, but then they worked out our idea of ​​organizing the club according to language levels, and the children could not be dragged out of the classroom by their ears. Nutrition. Varied, choice - meat / fish or vegetarian, side dishes, salads without limitation, fruits to choose from, always yoghurts, desserts for dinner. There was enough for everyone. What made me happy - with a large number of students, there were practically no queues. there were as many as four distribution points (usually 1-2). If you came back from a tour late, you just had to call the administration so that the dining room would not be closed. Activity. A rich cultural program, many excursions - London, Cardiff, Salisbury / Stonehenge, Bath, etc., trips to Bristol, each time offering some kind of activity, not just shopping. Evening activities to choose from. Plus to this - the center is large, there are many language schools, and almost every evening there is a disco at some school, to which others are also allowed, so if you wish, you can anneal every evening. And when our group took first place at the talent show, the whole camp came to us with congratulations - the children were so inspired!

    And most importantly - a very positive and responsive team - all young, sociable, dynamic, creative. The children simply fell in love with the course director Liam, who tried to resolve our issues promptly and played football with the children himself. The administration always tried to meet the wishes of the groups (although we sometimes strained them with unexpected decisions :), and you could always call any of them, knowing that they would definitely help you. Absolutely amazing activity leaders, to whom children are very attached. In general, the impressions are very positive. Thanks to Kirill for a great trip!

    Голубева Екатерина Львовна


    Teachers tried to explain the material as clearly as possible, worried about each student

    Top Plus Summer English School MLA University of West England — summer school in the UK

    Stoke Gifford, Bristol BS16 1QY, UK

    The school is located on the territory of the university, which was originally intended for students. There are grocery and bookstores, many vending machines with food and drinks, and a fast food track arrives every evening. And another undoubted plus is that this particular university is the final stop of buses that go to the center of Bristol and Bath - it is simply impossible to get lost.
    We were accommodated in one-room suites with all the necessary amenities. It is worth noting that the rooms are really spacious. The settlement system is as follows - on the floor there are 2 "apartments", each of which includes 6 separate rooms and a shared kitchen. Initially, there was no kettle or iron in the kitchen, but they brought everything to us upon request. It's so nice to get together in the evening with the guys, have tea and discuss how the day went.
    Meals at school according to the "buffet" system - there is always a choice of hot dishes and side dishes. It is also possible to take a sandwich and salad instead of a hot dish and a side dish. There were always fruits (pears, peaches, plums, apples) and vegetable salads on the table, in the evening there was a dessert (ice cream, profiteroles, cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies).
    As for the study, everything here was clear and harmonious - the teachers tried to explain the material as clearly as possible, worried about each student, tried to remember their names. It was very gratifying when one day the teacher came up to me and expressed concern that one of my students had a poor breakfast. That is, people notice even such details, despite being very busy.
    According to the general impression, it seemed to me that I had to go to this school for two weeks and think over my excursion program in advance.