Standard contract of LLC "Travel Class"

Updated: December 2020


Service agreement from DATE


Limited Liability Company "Travel Class" ("Contractor"), represented by General Director Kirill Vladimirovich Khripunov, acting on the basis of the Charter, on the one hand, and a citizen of the Russian Federation ________________________________________________________, ("Customer"), on the other hand, have entered into this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") as follows:


  1. Subject of the Agreement 

1.1 Under the Agreement, the recipient of services is ____________________________________________ (hereinafter - "Student").
This agreement establishes the procedure for the provision of services for organizing a trip for studying (hereinafter - "educational trip") of a Student at the training center - Oxford International UNIVERSITY OF WORCESTER 139A Bransford Rd, Worcester WR2 4EZ, UK, United Kingdom (hereinafter - "School") with DATE to DATE g.

1.2 The Customer orders and pays for educational services to be provided by the School to the Student.

1.3 By educational services, the Parties mean a set of selected services provided by the School, the basis of which is teaching a foreign language - outside the Russian Federation.

1.4 Tour operators that the Contractor can contact when registering services - Jay STUDY LLC, register PTO 014052, White Travel LLC PTO 021370.


  1. Program price

2.1 The price of the Program consists of the English Course and other additional services (hereinafter - the "Course"). The total price of the educational Program chosen by the Customer, taking into account the discount, is the PRICE and is formed on the "all inclusive" principle and includes:


  • English course per week
  • Certificate at the end of the course
  • Leisure and excursion program
  • Accommodation at the university residence
  • Three meals a day
  • Air ticket Moscow-London-Moscow
  • Travel Class services
  • UK Visa Fee
  • Visa processing, including translation of documents
  • Medical insurance
  • Transfer from and to the airport


  1. Payment for the Program 

3.1 The customer makes an advance payment (at least 20%) within three calendar days after the conclusion of the Agreement.

3.2 The Customer pays in full the invoice of this Agreement no later than 1 month before the start of the Program.

3.3 Prepayment / Payment for the program is made in rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank on the day of payment.

3.4 In case of non-compliance with the payment deadlines, the School may cancel the Program.


  1. The contractor is obliged:

4.1 To acquaint the Customer with information on the chosen educational Program;

4.2 to confirm to the Customer the possibility of providing the selected range of services within the time agreed by the Parties no later than 7 calendar days before the start of the Program. If it is impossible to provide the selected services, the Customer has the right to either choose other offered services, or the Agreement may be terminated by the Customer unilaterally;

4.3 transfer the documents necessary for the trip to the Customer (Student) through the personal account or by email;

4.4 provide support in obtaining a visa.

4.5 to provide places on the program for teachers accompanying the group.

The Customer (and the Student) is obliged (s):

5.1 to get acquainted with the information available to the Contractor on the educational Program selected by the Customer, presented on;

5.2 pay for services in accordance with clause 3 of this Agreement and the Account;

5.3 to provide the Customer, upon his request, with all the documents necessary for obtaining a visa, listed in the personal account of;

5.4 independently pay additional costs not included in this Agreement related to the student's stay in the country of study;

5.5 maintain a positive image of the Russian Federation

5.6 comply with (or ensure compliance by the Student):

5.6.1. the legislation of the country of training ((place) of temporary stay);

5.6.2. rules of entry to the country (place) of temporary stay, as well as to the countries of transit passage;

5.6.3. personal safety rules during travel and stay in the country of temporary stay;

5.6.4. internal rules of the School.

  1. Changes and termination of the Agreement

6.1. This Agreement may be amended or terminated by mutual written consent of the Parties.

6.2. In case of termination of the Agreement at least two weeks in advance for reasons beyond the control of the Contractor (including refusal to issue a visa), the Contractor will return the paid amount to the Customer, except for:

- Travel Class booking services (3,500 rubles);
- visa fee of the country of study (if it was paid);

- Travel Class services for obtaining a visa RUB 7,500 (if it was issued)
- ticket refunds are made according to the airline's rules (unless otherwise requested, tickets are purchased by default at the most favorable, usually non-refundable, fare).

6.3. If the contract is terminated for reasons beyond the control of the Contractor and the Customer less than two weeks before the start of the Program (including refusal to issue a visa), the Customer will be refunded the amount paid by the Contractor, except for:

- Travel Class booking services (3,500 rubles);
- visa fee of the country of study (if it was paid);

- Travel Class services for obtaining a visa RUB 7,500 (if it was issued)
- ticket refunds are made according to the airline's rules (unless otherwise requested, tickets are purchased by default at the most favorable, usually non-refundable, fare).

- the first week of the Program at the School;
- additional services (medical insurance, meeting at the airport), if they have already been ordered.

6.4. If the Student arrives at the Program late or is absent from the class, the cost of the missed classes will not be refunded. The missed time cannot be compensated for by the free extension of the Course.

6.5. The Contractor does not compensate for losses to the Customer if they have arisen due to:
a) cancellation or delay by the carrier of departure to the place of arrival of the Student. In these cases, the carrier bears responsibility to the Customer on the basis of the air ticket in the manner and conditions stipulated by the current legislation in the field of international passenger transportation.
b) early termination of the Program on the initiative of the Student or deportation from the country of study, distinction in case of violation of the laws of the country of study or the rules of the School.

6.6. All refunds to the Customer under this Agreement are made in rubles by transfer to the Customer's account, 30 days after receiving a written application from the Customer to amend or terminate this Agreement.

7. Other conditions

7.1 It is allowed to exchange documents between the Parties by means of postal, telephone, electronic and other communications, as well as facsimile reproduction of signatures of representatives of the Parties. Prepayment or full payment is considered acceptance of the contract. The original of the contract can be obtained by requesting by e-mail

7.2 The Customer who has entered into this Agreement is directly responsible to the School for the actions of the Student in whose favor this Agreement has been concluded.

7.3 On national holidays, the School may be closed. In these cases, the cost of the lessons is not subject to compensation.

7.4 The parties are released from liability for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the terms of this agreement, if this was caused by force majeure.

7.5 The Parties undertake to take all measures in their power to resolve possible disagreements and disputes that may arise under the Agreement through negotiations.

7.6 The customer agrees to the processing of personal data in accordance with the requirements of Art. 9, 11 of the Federal Law of July 27, 2006 "On personal data" No. 152-FZ.



LLC "Travel Class"

Moscow, 107113, st. Malenkovskaya 7-19

PSRN 1187746737584

INN / KPP 9718109138/771801001

Account 40702810201500022658


BIK: 044525999

Corr. account: 30101810845250000999

Signature ___________Khripunov К. V.



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