Enforex Granada School — summer school in Spain
Summer Spanish School




What else included

The Spanish course consists of 15 hours per week. The lessons take place in the morning. Children are taught in classes of up to 15 students per language level. The teachers are all native Spanish speakers with a degree in Spanish philology or linguistics. They create a comfortable, stimulating learning environment for each child and adapt the material to their individual needs. The material is designed by the school. All levels are available.

  • Tution
  • Full board accomodation
  • 3 afternoon activities per week
  • 1 full day weekend excursion every 2 weeks
  • Workshops
  • Study material
  • Health insurance
  • Sports
  • 24-hour supervision


Our Spanish school is a five-story building with fully equipped classrooms and modern facilities. Classrooms have lots of windows and balconies, providing plenty of natural light. You will be surrounded by other international students who are eager and enthusiastic about learning Spanish. At the same time, you’ll be charmed by the school’s intimate learning environment. All of our qualified teachers are passionate and invested in helping you to create the best experience possible. You will have access to a small library, a common area with computers to use and free Wi-Fi. Once class is over, Granada’s top attractions are just a short walk away.

Why choose this school

  • A small school, with a capacity of 150 students, which makes it a perfect place to receive personalized attention and to feel right at home
  • The school is within distance of most places of interest
  • A very cosy building where you will always feel comfortable

School infrastructure

  • The school occupies an entire 5-storey building
  • Lots of windows and balconies overlooking the street, providing the school with an open atmosphere and plenty of natural light
  • A reception area
  • Wi-Fi (wireless access throughout the school)
  • Computers and audio-visual equipment
  • Recreation room where you can watch TV or videos, play board games or darts, listen to music, read books or newspapers, etc
  • Teacher's room

Hobbies and clubs

  • City tour (Cathedral, Royal Chapel, Albaycín)
  • Flamenco show in Sacramonte
  • Spanish movie nights
  • Dance classes
  • Beach excursions
  • Horseback riding

Recommended arrival cities

  • Granada


Calle Palacios, 13, Granada, España

Sample program

  • 1 day

    Morning. Arrival
    Day. Arrival
    Evening. Dinner

  • 2 day

    Morning. Level test & orientation
    Day. Visit to Albaycín
    Evening. Free Time

  • 3 day

    Morning. Spanish lessons
    Day. Movie
    Evening. Free time

  • 4 day

    Morning. Spanish lessons
    Day. Granada Archaeological Museum
    Evening. Free evening

  • 5 day

    Morning. Spanish lessons
    Day. Spanish cultural workshop
    Evening. Tapas tour (extra paid)

  • 6 day

    Morning. Spanish lessons
    Day. Flamenco dance lesson
    Evening. Free evening

  • 7 day

    Morning. Trip to Seville or Cordoba
    Day. Trip to Seville or Cordoba
    Evening. Dinner

  • 8 day

    Morning. Day with the host family
    Day. Day with the host family
    Evening. Day with the host family

  • 9 day

    Morning. Lessons
    Day. City tour
    Evening. Free time

  • 10 day

    Morning. Lessons
    Day. Free time
    Evening. Free time

  • 11 day

    Morning. Lessons
    Day. City tour
    Evening. Free time

  • 12 day

    Morning. Lessons
    Day. Horseback riding
    Evening. Free time

  • 13 day

    Morning. Lessons
    Day. Beach excursion
    Evening. Free time

  • 14 day

    Morning. Day with the host family
    Day. Day with the host family
    Evening. Day with the host family